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Course Details

Start Date December 2nd 2023- February 3rd 2024

Live classes Every Saturday with Self Paced Option

  Weekly Assessment to prepare for Certification Exam


Candidates must be able to interpret, speak, read and write English

Course Outline

Are you ready for a career change and to start earning more money? 

Becoming a Certified Sterile Processing technician allows you to earn more, take on travel contracts and endless overtime hours. This course is designed to equip you for the CBSPD board exam with course materials, live sessions and recordings available for your convenient reference. Register Now during the limited sale.

You'll also get access to two bonus sections

Free Resume Template and Career lesson

This bonus resume template is designed to help you effectively showcase your Sterile Processing course experience when applying for jobs in the field. The template along with the career lesson will make strong impression on hiring managers and recruiters.

Custom Quizlet Flash Card Deck

Improve your learning journey by utilizing our tailor-made Quizlet flashcards, meticulously crafted from previous exam questions and comprehensive study guide materials to help you excel on the SPD Board exam.

What sets the Sterile Academy apart from others ?

  The Interactive Learning Community & Support

Embarking on the journey alone can be challenging. At Sterile Academy, we harness the power of social accountability with live classes in our collaborative learning environment. Here, you'll find support from both your instructor and fellow students who are on the same path as you, fostering continuous communication each week.

Whether you've recently graduated from high school, in college, are a full-time employee juggling 40+ hours a week, or simply contemplating a career change, the Sterile Academy tailors its approach to suit your needs. Our mission is to provide comprehensive education in sterile processing, equipping you for success in your certification exam. Our 10-week course is designed with time efficiency in mind, focusing on vital information aligned with CBSPD guidelines and endorsed practices by regulatory agencies such as AAMI, FDA, and EPA.

Utilizing Proven Learning Methods

Active Recall

We've tailored Quizlet flashcards to boost your success in this essential field. Our seasoned instructors have thoughtfully created Quizlet flashcards that closely adhere to the fundamental principles of sterile processing. These flashcards are intended to encourage active recall of crucial information, strengthening your memory and deepening your understanding of Sterile Processing 

Spaced Repetition

Through regular spaced repetition, you'll embark on a personalized learning journey that maximizes your comprehension of sterile processing, guaranteeing your readiness for certification and practical application.

Pomodoro Technique

We integrate the Pomodoro Technique into each lesson. This well-established method entails dividing your learning time into brief, focused intervals. This strategy prevents burnout, improves concentration, and optimizes retention. By incorporating the Pomodoro Technique throughout your sterile processing learning journey, we empower you to make the most of your study time, bolstering your understanding and confidence in this crucial field.

Continuous Assessment and Mastery

We prioritize your progress and comprehension. To guarantee your mastery of each lesson, we've introduced an assessment system. Following each learning session, students can evaluate their knowledge through assessments designed to solidify their understanding and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Our assessments permit unlimited attempts, enabling you to learn at your preferred pace and strengthen your knowledge until you're self-assured in your mastery of each topic. This approach fosters continuous learning and empowers you to reach your full potential in sterile processing.

Note Taking

We promote an active and engaged approach to learning sterile processing. In every lesson, we wholeheartedly encourage students to take notes. This habit enhances comprehension, facilitates the organization of essential concepts, and serves as a valuable reference for future review. Whether you're jotting down vital definitions, summarizing crucial procedures, or highlighting key insights, your personalized notes will evolve into an indispensable resource on your path to mastering this course. 

Join us on this transformative learning journey and experience the difference of education that evolves with you, popelling you toward unparalleled success in sterile processing.

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Career Pathways

Depending on the Hospital size, location and requirements there are various career opportunities

Sterile Processing Technician

Lead Sterile Processing Technician

Travel Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile Processing Technician Supervisor

Sterile Processing Technician Quality Assurance

Sterile Processing Technician Manager

Sterile Processing Technician Educator

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if your question isn't addressed in the FAQ section or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist you with any additional inquiries you may have.

Sterile Processing Distribution Technician Course


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  • Join our Saturday Live sessions starting December 2nd to prepare you for the next board exam.
  • Engage with our Interactive Learning Community, where you can connect with fellow students and receive ongoing support. Exchange insights, ask questions, and collaborate to enhance your understanding of Sterile Processing, fostering a rich and interactive learning experience.
  • The Sterile Academy Sterile Processing Departments Course awards a certificate of completion. After successfully completing the course with a grade of 70 or higher, you become eligible to register for the CBSPD's SPD Technician Exam using your certificate of completion.
  • Our Sterile Processing Departments Course is designed to be time-efficient, with Live sessions for 10 weeks to prepare for the next board exam in February.
  • Benefit from expert training provided by our certified instructor.
  • Our course syllabus is approved and follows CBSPD study materials, as well as meeting regulations set forth by regulatory agencies like AAMI, EPA, and the FDA.
  • As part of our course, you'll receive a resume template that you'll be customizing, and past question Flash cards.
  • Benefit from a cutting-edge learning approach that includes proven learning methods and our database of practice test questions.
  • This program is tailor-made for Sterile Processing Personnel, equipping them with the latest knowledge and insights essential to launching a successful career in Sterile Processing.
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Payment Plan


3 Payments of $350 (EXTRA $53 USD)

  • First payment due at time of purchase.
  • Second Payment December 16th, 2023.
  • Third Payment December 30th, 2023.
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